This is an active (not yet on smart phones) demonstration program that allows some testing of concepts related to determining sources of waves. In writing it from scratch in Feb-Mar 2014, I taught myself some javascript programming using HTML 5's "canvas." It is primitive, but shows some real facts. It shows some things that can go wrong. It also shows a fact about reflections from rods that I discovered and do not know if anyone else has noticed. Can you see an inversion, of the click, in the echoes? Also, it shows "cross-sensor ambiguity."
Instructions for students:
Decoding the Sonic Vision of Dolphins

Left-click in the left box, then
For style, use A, D, H, R, and space-bar.
For ScienceParms, use arrow keys, L, N, M, R, and space-bar.

The signals are discretized, so, the toas are not perfect.

Determine the region of good performance - wherein
the red lines cross near to the Target. Discover places
where our code needs improving.

May 2016 Sample