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Some interests and activities of Douglas Moreman:
Google: "Echo scope" + patent
ethorobotics + sonar
mathematics + "hypoxia or hubris"
"convexly topological space"
"Douglas Moreman" + mathematics via
"Moreman" + "NASA Glenn"
"Moreman" + "NASA Lewis"
"Orthodrop" + "Moreman"
"aposyndesis" "evolution" "moreman" via
"aposyndesis" "evolution" "moreman" via
Dolphin Inspired Sonar. Site of my current main interest.

Some people and organizations of interest:

Whitlow Au
Sam Ridgway
National Marine Mammal Foundatation
Michiel Schotten
Denise Herzing
Heidi Harley
IMMS in Biloxi, Mississippi
Ed Belcher's acoustic flashlight and such:
John Potter