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Links for Dolphin-Inspired Sonar
Dolphin Inspired Sonar
Whitlow Au
Sam Ridgway
Michiel Schotten
Denise Herzing
Heidi Harley (YouTube)
IMMS in Biloxi, Mississippi

For some links to Douglas Moreman,
one can copy one of these lines into Google:
(the quotes help Google)
"Moreman" + "Echo scope"
ethorobotics + sonar
mathematics + hypoxia + hubris
"Douglas Moreman" + mathematics
"Moreman" "Convex Topology"
Referenced here
"Moreman" "Ben Fitzpatrick"
"Moreman "R.L. Moore"
"Moreman" "NASA Glenn"
Doug "Moreman" "John Coffey" rocket
"Moreman" aposyndesis
Orthodrop "Moreman"