Dolphin Clicks Modified on 29 April 2015 by DouglasMoreman

This is a tool for studying echoes of a dolphin's click.
Simultaneously, each clicker in an Array emits the same click.
One can see the reflection from a Target T of the composite click.

At some time t0, each of the 26 points of a Clicker emits this:

All the component clicks have that same shape
and are emitted at the same instant; but,
their echoes from T arrive at a Sensor S at different times.
The Array of Clickers is a rough model of
the forehead of a dolphin.
Target T is rotating, unless you stop it.
Echoes, from T, of the component clicks sum together at S.
The changing, summed, echo-Signal from T at S is shown.
In both the Click and the Signal above, the time from
one tick, on the time-axis, to a neighbor is 25 millionths of a second.
Echo at Sensor S:
( nRefls = number of Reflecting points
fr/s = Frames per Second )

Top Views:

Clicker and Sensor are on the left, and Target is on the right.
Either of them can rotate.
Some paths of sound, Clicker to Target to Sensor S are in color.
A blue normal from Clicker, represent the axis of insonification.

TopView also shows the Sensor S where
nClickers clicks, arriving at various times
from various ClickerPoints,
all sum to form the Signal.

Pictures of Clicks in Au's book, Sonar of Dolphins