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Applications for Dolphin-Inspired Wavar
By Douglas Moreman

Caveats include: Present simulations are of lower resolution than is possible, but, the ultimate imaging resolution of these methods is not yet known.

A Fish Finder can now be more like a telescope. See animations.

Dolphins can see through sand. Medical ultrasound cannot see through bone, or see bone, for that matter. It seems, for various reasons not yet stated herein, that dolphin-inspired sonar will be able to see bone and see through bone. Imagine a person or animal, part or whole, immersed in water and being insonified from all around. Or imagine low-cost imaging of the skull or even of the brain without ionizing radiation.

Mud and Treasure
Dolphins can "see," at least a foot or two, into a sea floor. Think treasure-finder for scuba divers. Think finding pipelines and such in the offshore oil and gas industry.

Military. Sonar: divers can "see" through murky water and into mud or, if they have one, see what a trained companion dolphin is clicking on.
Radar: consider the problem of stealthy enemy aircraft, of decoys accompanying warheads approaching from space. Think imaging. Detection of landmines, of bombs-under-bosoms (so to speak).

Others. Seeing into the ice that covers Europa, moon of Jupiter ... When a new technology comes along, it is hard to see all of its potential.